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Environmental, Social and Governance

Celsius Resources is committed to the sustainable discovery and development of copper and gold. The Company defines sustainability as the purposeful delivery of all projects in a manner that is environmentally responsible while simultaneously contributing to the long-term socio-economic development of our host communities.

As a responsible miner, the Company must identify, assess, and report responses to environmental impacts, climate change and social challenges. The Company acknowledges that it has a role to play in protecting the natural environment, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and to improving people’s lives now and for generations to come.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

While Celsius is still largely a mineral explorer, we recognise that our exploration, development and future mining operations will inevitably have an impact on the natural environment. We are committed to avoiding, minimising, and managing our impacts and serve as a responsible steward of the natural resources and the environment in all the areas in which we operate, fully restoring and rehabilitating adversely affected areas.

Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our generation and that of future generations. We recognise that we have a responsibility to play in helping mitigate our impact on global warming. We are also taking steps to integrate climate change adaptation in our planning and investments using climate scenario planning to inform a prudent risk management strategy and to incorporate climate projections in the design and placement of operations and infrastructure.


Social Responsibility

Celsius recognises its fundamental responsibility to protect and improve the lives of its employees and community stakeholders.

Good Governance

Good Governance

Celsius is committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance, ethical conduct, complying with and exceeding all relevant laws and regulations, and applying relevant and responsible industry standards where laws do not exist.

The Celsius Board has oversight and overall accountability for guiding the strategic direction of the Company driving organisation-wide practice and continuous improvements  in environmental, social and governance performance.

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